Tuesday, June 4, 2013

It's Me Again Margaret

Hi everyone, well, we survived the garage sale, kind of. We quit after day one - due to storms and due to my lack of motivation to do it for one more day.

 P.S. I hate having garage sales.

Moving on - I made a summer fun calendar.  But it is in Word format and its only for my area but if you happen to live in my area leave a comment and I will e-mail it to you.

I'm busy behind the scenes - you know living life and such.  This whole homeschooling, dyslexia thing just has shifted my thinking in about 100 different ways.

The status quo DOES NOT WORK FOR US.  So therefore, I must figure something else out.  And that is what I am busy doing these days.

So I've been really busy reading and doing research but mostly I've been having fun with my kids.

Strawberry picking

 Playing with friends and cousins

 Doing some fun stuff at the library (my son and nephew were the only ones who participated)

I've decided that this summer we are just going to maintain a picked up house, do a small amount of learning in the mornings and then get out and explore our world and just enjoy the day!


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  1. Sounds like a fun summer. I got the calender email, too thank you!;) I had thought about looking into some library fun at some closer to us.

    We are fixing up around the house and plan to visit some state parks this summer. I'm so glad school is out for now.

    sorry 'bout the yard sale


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