Sunday, July 28, 2013

Week in Review - extra kids, a sleepover and movies in the park

I know I always say this but I am so glad that I take lots of pictures of our week because by Saturday I don't even remember what we did on Monday.

 This past Monday however I do remember what we did.  My cousin likes to tease me because we always have any number of kids at our house at any given time.  She says she could just drop her boys off and I probably wouldn't even notice.

 This is my cousin.  We went to a sprinkle (a smaller version of a shower) for her.  She is having her first girl (third baby). 

I was in the nursery at church but my baby was the only one in there so she played with the doll house in the kids room while I watched her there.

We had our good friends' kids spend the night and then my friend Cari and her two boys came over and then the kids decided to play in their swimsuits in the rain.  And I know we need to re-stain our deck.  Its on our to do list.

And then I got a call from a local farm that my bushel of green beans were in.  I put my name on a list every year.  So a friend of mine and I got together to snap, wash and can 28 quarts of green beans.

My daughter asked me to take this picture for her dad to see that the grass made a "y".

Then we got a new pool - they were on sale at K-mart.  Who knew 5 days after we got it that it would feel like fall.

Of course my daredevil son and his daredevil cousin would be doing crazy things to get into the pool

My daughter wanted me to take this of her accessories . . .

She talked us into letting her have a sleepover.  I have no idea how she did it - it seemed like it just happened.  We made homemade pizzas, watched an American girl movie and swam.

We made homemade donuts in the morning.

She put some dough on her nose.

I got to use my Missouri-shaped cookie cutter.

The baby wanted to swim too.

I picked some more things from my garden.

I cut up two whole chickens by myself and then grilled them.

Our church put on movies in the park and so we went and had a great time.  I posted this picture on Facebook and got the most likes before the movie started so I won a t-shirt.  Yes, I cheated because I used this cute baby.

These two got their faces painted.

And that was a wrap up of our week.

How was your week?


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