Thursday, July 25, 2013

What I'm usually doing in July

Freezing peaches - I canned them once and I probably won'  I usually buy the "seconds" from a local orchard and freezer them.  Sometimes I make peach butter but now I'm making peach honey.


Canning green beans

I'm usually freezing corn (at least towards the end of July).  One year I even had a corn freezing party.  It was kind of crazy.

This year I froze blueberries too - towards the beginning of July.  I bought them from a local farmer who only uses vinegar as a weed killer and no other chemicals!

I try to buy as much as I can locally and freeze or can it to use for the winter.  I've been doing this for several years and I just can't seem to stop.  I also canned banana peppers too because I've recently discovered that I love them!

What have you been "putting up" for the winter?



  1. Your blog makes me feel lazy....crazy busy canning, freezing, cooking, baking, home schooling, mother of four!

  2. @Kelly
    You lazy, please! These are things I enjoy. Notice I don't blog about cleaning because you know, that doesn't always get done.


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