Saturday, August 10, 2013

Week In Review - Our First Week back at Homeschooling

This was our first week back to homeschooling and it was a little exhausting.  I know now I should have started slower - with getting back into routines and then doing one or two subjects.  But you live and learn.

My nephew joined us this week because I am helping out with him but starting next week he will just be coming two afternoons a week and on our co-op day to do Konos stuff with us.

Here is our math - I LOVE Math U See.

Handwriting - they are learning cursive.

We do the Toe By Toe book.

We also did a free art lesson from Hodgepodge's 50 free art lessons.  My nephew is really good at art and he enjoys it.

And this is how I get through my week - and prayer.

Down time!

  Puppet show

Konos time - this week we were studying Marco Polo and Leif Erikson.  I'm still trying to get the hang of doing Konos so it is a work in progress.  But the kids seemed to have fun and retain some knowledge.  We went over continents.  We watched some videos about the Vikings.   Read a book or two about the Vikings and Marco Polo.  I got a new map to put up.

For co-op day we went through the items that Marco Polo found on the Silk Road.  We then had the kids pretend to be Vikings and "sail" and have races in the pool.

Marco Polo - Silk Road items

Here is the kids smelling spices.

 Opening coconuts

Answering review questions

 Then we let them play!

 And here is my FAIL for the week.  I wanted to show them how coal burns versus how wood burns and I could not get either one to burn.  I didn't want to burn myself so I need to try this again with my husband present.

 So that was our first week back.  Most of the time I stood in the kitchen looking around thinking - what am I doing and how am I going to get all this done.  Then I remembered that I need to relax and the days got a little better.

Next week I plan to have a little bit better grasp on things but we will see.

How was your week?

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