Saturday, August 17, 2013

Week in Review - the Second week and another camping trip


We went on a fun camping trip with our friends!  Our second camping trip but this one lasted two days!

Cooking popcorn over the fire. 

The girls

The boys

All the kids

Went into town to have pizza on our last day

The men working hard

Electronics in the woods

They did it!


The menfolk

My son braving it

Our friends!

Me cooking breakfast

All of us

Sissy and me
 We also had a reunion with our old Sunday School class.  So many of us have moved on to other places and we dearly love our friends and our teachers and so we decided to have an annual get together so we can catch up on each other's lives.  I wish it could be monthly.  There were about thirty something adults and over fifty kids. 

 Helping mom make bread.

And of course the cute baby photo.


This week went so much better than last week as far as homeschooling goes.  I relaxed a little more and did things more to my kids learning styles - which means we watched more learning videos and did more hands on things and we read less.  I realize reading less and homeschooling don't always mix but I do what works for us.

This week we watched a video about explorers.  We watched Animated Heroes Christopher Columbus (rented from the library).  We did a detecting the magnetic field experiment and made our own compasses with my free trial of Supercharged Science.  We  did a compass experiment where I hid some coins in the yard and gave the kids how many feet they were to go in a certain direction and gave them a compass and a tape measure and helped them find it.  We read a few pages out of a book about each of the men we studied as well.

We did a little bit of art - drawing strawberries and bananas.

This was us making our own compasses

The painful art class - he doesn't love art

She is drawing a banana

We are making boats - as we learned about Christopher Columbus this week.
The Nina The Pinta and the Santa Maria

He is mapping the route
 And since we studied  more explorers this week (Prince Henry the Navigator and Christopher Colombus) and since we made our own compasses and did this activity, we decided to go geocaching with our co-op group this week.

And after two caches my kids were begging to go to the park so we went and since all of the kids are in school around here we had the park to ourselves.  

 And of course this park has sand in it so why not fill your shoes with sand?

Or bury yourself in sand?

 How was your week?

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  1. I have one who doesn't care for art either. But we just push on!! :) Looks like a great week full of exploring!


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