Friday, November 8, 2013

Animal Classification

We did animal classification for science.  My stepmom got these cards at Target.  I am doing some other printable ones but I haven't had a chance to complete those yet.

They put them in the correct categories.

Then we took out some of our Safari TOOB animals and used those too.

My oldest decided he wanted to know more about the Gila Monster so we looked it up in a book that we had and read about it.  Then we googled a video about it and learned more that way.

Once again the kids took it a step further for more learning.  It is what I love about Montessori.

We did more for my older son from here.

I started printing the cards from Walk Beside me.

I also started buying more Safari TOOBS!  The younger ones love them and they love to play with them.


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