Thursday, November 7, 2013

Land Air Water - kids activity

Land Air Water

We are starting on Montessori Geography because I like it.  I like the flow of it.  Plus I got a free geography primary album from Living Montessori Now for signing up for her newsletter.

Geography is something we can all do together. 

**Sorry about the pictures being a bit blurry.

 First I had my 4 year old carry the tray to the living room.

We set it up with three jars - one with soil in it, one with water and one with air.

 Then they matched up the cards I had to the right category.

Then I had them go to the boys' room and find things that go on land or in air or on water.

Then they took it a step further.  They put some beans (from the pouring activity) and put it in the soil and poured the water on it to see if they could get a plant to grow.  I loved their idea.

I was thrilled they took the activity and did more with it than I had though of.  They seemed to enjoy it.

For more ideas for land, air and water activities visit Living Montessori Now.


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