Thursday, January 9, 2014

This week in Geography - Review of continents and oceans

I really hated geography in high school. I never learned much and was bored to tears.  But now teaching my kids geography - it is probably one of my favorite subjects.

Here is how I've been doing it to keep us from getting bored.  I set up a tray at the beginning of the week with things we will use throughout the week.  Kind of Montessori but not totally.  I have to do what I have room for.

This week we reviewed the continents and oceans.
We sang the continents song.  This helped my middle two really get it (when my 4 year old would sing it).

And the oceans song:

I also printed and laminated these three part cards for the younger ones to do.  Scroll to the bottom of the posts for the printable.

Here is how to present three part cards:

I actually just let my 4 year old match them for now.

We also use several online games to play or Ipad games too.

World Continents and oceans

We do geography work all together so I try to taylor it to each age.  My four year old does the three part cards.  My 6 year old - I help her label the map.  My oldest can label things on his own.


We did the blob map drawing this time.  I mostly let them outline it and we all did this.

 See geography doesn't have to be completely boring right?  I'm enjoying it anyway.

Oh and I love sewing projects - especially hand sewing so here is a peak into what I am working on right now:

The plans are all on Imagine Our Life - you can do your own!

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