Thursday, February 20, 2014

This week we learned all about Russia

We learned:

Where Russia is on the world map
We listened to a song in Russian
How to Say ― Hello in Russian: привет (Privyet), Good Day добрый день (Dobrey Dyen)
Read a book about Russia 

Operation World Russia - print prayer card
Watch a video
Learned about Russia from Kids National Geographic
About children in Russia
Completed a Russia lapbook activity
Completed and classified animals of Russia
Learned major landmarks and other fun facts about Russia
Numbers in Russia
Make Piroshki Recipe

Typical Russian Menu
We did this Free Russian Lapbook
We did this Russian Dot to dot


Learned our Name in Russian

My oldest had the idea to put us in a picture of Russia so I did.  Just a cut and paste.  Need a program that can do that.

We printed this out on card stock and made our own post card and wrote on it what we learned about Russia and mailed it to my grandma.

We had an interesting week learning about Russia.  I wanted to make it to a Russian deli in town but we didn't get there yet - maybe this weekend!


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