Tuesday, May 13, 2014

First Language Lessons Level 1 - activites to use with each lesson

I wanted to put together a list of activities I could do alongside First Language Lessons Level 1.  I might not do it all the time but I wanted something in case.  Here is a list I am putting together.  I started on Lesson 34 because that is where we are although I have listed some noun things for you below because the first 33 lessons are still on nouns.

I will be adding to this list so I'm going to put it as one of my "pages" on my blog.  Feel free to leave a comment and let me know about more things.

Common and Proper noun card games

Common and Proper nouns printable with names

Noun Sorting cards

Common and Proper noun sorting

Person Place Thing Printable

Noun Book

Capitalization Activity

Lesson 34 - Proper nouns (Days of the week)

Lesson 35 -  Poem memorization

Lesson 36 - narration (Coloring page while narrating)

Lesson 37 - Nouns (Noun notebooking page)

Lessons 38 - Proper nouns (Days of the week)

Lesson 39 - Address printable

Lesson 40 - Months of the year printable

Lesson 41 - Months of the year printable

Lesson 42 - Notebooking page - do that page

Lesson 43 -  Poem printables

Lesson 44 - Notebooking page

Lesson 45 - Noun listing (First page)

Lesson 46 - Pronouns

Pronoun song (We LOVE THIS GIRL!)

Lesson 47 - Pronouns List 1 

Lesson 48 - Pronouns list 2

Lesson 48 - Prounouns

Lesson 49 - Pronouns list 3 - Matching game

Lesson 50 - Pronouns again - Pronoun pockets

Lesson 51 - Grammar notebooking pages

Lesson 52 - Action Verbs

Lesson 53 - Action Verb video and

Lesson 54 - telephone number

DIY Grammar Farm from Living Montessori Now

 Poem printables

Grammar notebooking pages


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