Saturday, May 3, 2014

Week In Review - School, Life and Paleo

School Stuff

School is going well.  We have a rhythm and I hope to continue it over summer although on the lighter side.

This is how I sometimes set up my son's afternoon.  Each book around the table and then we work on one at a time as he moves to each book. 

My daughter finished her map of South America at her Montessori school.  I love them.

Our history lesson - we listen to the audio and color and do map work.

This guy loves this kinetic sand.  It is pretty cool

We played Senet after our History lesson - an ancient Egyptian game.

She was proud of her creation:)

I love the timeline.  I love it so much that I actually color it instead of the kids because its just so pretty.

My friend and I switch kids - she teaches my kids science (and her kids) and I teach my kids (and her kids) history.  It works out great!  Here the kiddos are doing a project on light.

 Life stuff

The kids were able to read to dogs at the library.  They loved it!  And I loved it!

We went to our friend's soccer game.  The boys (my friend's son and mine) hid under here and used there electronics.  Seriously boys.

 Cute little selfie

Love these two - my youngest and my oldest.

She was doing a puzzle.

We visited a new library and they had so much fun in the wooden tractor with all the stuffed animals.

My son has found like 10 4-leaf clovers this week!

My friend and I went to a homeschool convention and I had to take pictures.  Just a few.

 Paleo Stuff

Here are some pictures of my paleo meals and snacks.  I love what Paleo is doing for me.  I can't believe it really. 

Beef and cabbage stir fry

"Taco" salad


Sweet potatoes and sausage

"Paleo" chocolate chip bars

 Hope you have a great week!


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