Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Why I chose Paleo

Last year at this time I had four kids, I was pretty overweight and I could not lose a pound.  I was trying and trying to do it the way I used to and I couldn't lose more than like 3 pounds.  I was still almost the same weight I was when I was 9 months pregnant.  Ack!

I have always had a struggle with weight but I had been quite a bit thinner as proof of this picture when I was about two months pregnant with my first child:

But after years of having babies and not really taking good care of myself I woke up and wanted to do something different.  I had done weight watchers before.  I knew I did want to lose weight like that again plus I wanted to eat whole foods and not "low fat", "sugar free", pretend foods, etc.

I also hate counting calories!  So my choices were very limited.  I tried eating whole foods and limiting them on my own and like I said I lost a few pounds but nothing profound.  Then my husband told me he wanted to do something called the Whole30.

I looked at it and thought it was crazy!  But I was desperate by this point and I knew I didn't want to cook two meals so I thought about it.  My husband didn't even want me to do it because he knew how grouchy I'd be without bread and cheese.  I got hangry people!

But more than my weight I wanted to stop feeling aches and pains and headaches and anxiety and depression.  I was game but I would NOT give up my coffee creamer.  You can read my Whole30 wrap up here.  I have since given up my coffee creamer.

After doing the Whole30 I went paleo and I have not looked back.  The only reason I have kept doing it is how truly amazing I feel.  I mean ridiculously amazing.  I mean like no aches and pains, no headaches.  It was pretty unbelievable especially since I was just doing this by eating certain food not taking supplements or anything else.

I lost 20 lbs over the course of time I've been doing it - about 9 months.  I mean  I lost the 20 in the first 4 months and have maintained since then within about 3 or so pounds.  I do need to lose more and I know I've gotten comfortable so I know I need to kick it up a notch and focus on working out a little more too.

But the reasons I did paleo were because of the science behind it.  It makes sense to me.  It works for me.  Positive Changes to Expect when going Paleo:

"Unlike regular fad diets that are usually built with only weight loss in mind, a Paleo diet supports the perfect gene expression for our bodies. Everything about how your system works will start to adjust beginning at the cellular level. You’ll experience all sorts of transformations unique to your own needs as your body begins to balance itself and create homeostasis."
And I've found when you "go Paleo" and it works for you - you become a bit obsessed about it and talk a lot about it and post a lot about it and post pictures of your meals and tell all your friends.  People do get sick of hearing about it and I get that.  I just can't stop.  Also I got my cholesterol checked and I had last year's numbers to compare to this year's numbers - It went down 21 points!  From 160 to 139 - what what?!

Those are all the reasons I am now Paleo and will be for the unforeseeable future. It is not easy but nothing worth doing is.

Have you tried Paleo?


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