Sunday, January 11, 2015

Family Fitness - P.E. Week 1

I am hoping to post these weekly for our family to do together.  All workouts are from CrossFit Kids unless otherwise mentioned.  Each day also has a video about health ito watch as well.  I have linked to the workouts rather than copy and post them.  I did try to post how-to for certain moves that you might not be familiar with.

Disclaimer - always check with your doctor before starting a new exercise program.  You should make every attempt to use proper form so that you do not get injured.

Needed equipment - pull up bar, 4# and 10# weighted ball,  12" - 20" box for stepping up,

Week 1

Day 1 - Read about why water is the best drink to drink.

Workout:  (From Bodeefit Kids)

How to do a proper squat:


Day 2 - Watch this video about What your poop says about you!

Workout: (From CrossFit Kids)

How to do a handstand:

Or a handstand:

Day 3 - Watch this video about Why can't I have sugar?

Workout: (From CrossFit Kids)

How to do a proper pull up:

Day 4 - Watch this video about Is Peanut Butter Good for you?

Workout: From CrossFit Kids

How to do knees to elbows:

How to Play World War Z

Day 5 - Watch this video about How to brush your teeth properly.

Workout:  From CrossFit Kids

How to do Monkey hangs:

How to do thrusters:

How to do a box step:

Day 6 -

Kids Yoga workout

Hope you had a great week of fitness!!!


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