Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Week in Review 9.13.15

What?  What?  Blogging two weeks in a row?  Yes, it is happening so get ready.

School Stuff

This week in the adventures in homeschool -We went to Bug Fest at a local park.  It was worth its weight in gold.  Honestly it was excellent.  We all learned so much.  We were able to identify bugs in a prairie like setting and in a pond.  We were able to tag a Monarch butterfly and make a cool craft.  And my oldest who won't hardly eat vegetables ate a white chocolate covered cricket.  Yes he did.  This was a great day and we learned so much!

Life stuff

I closed on another house and we were able to celebrate my oldest daughter's birthday.  The day after her birthday my friend and I took both our daughters to get their ears pierced and out to lunch.  We also got to go to my nephew's football game on Saturday.  And then my husband and I were able to go out with friends and family to a concert with no children!!!  It was a fun week for sure.

My niece and daughter at the game

My sister and I at the concert

The hubs and I at the concert

What a glorious week of fun and the weather cooperated too.  Bring on fall!  How was your week?


  1. Great pictures! The ear piercing pic made me laugh/cringe. Looks like she survived!:) Our kids are growing up...

    1. I know! She did survive and it wasn't too bad. Her face was sad though.


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