Sunday, September 20, 2015

Week in Review 9.20.15

This week in my life:

School Days

School keeps going on.  We are finding our groove pretty well.  They all love math thanks to Right Start Math!

Here is my goofy daughter putting on her "nerd" glasses while we are doing some math.

This preschooler is everywhere when we do school.  Here she is "hiding" up on her sister's bed with a bunch of stuffed animals.

Piano lessons are still going well.  Although this kid keeps begging me to drums instead of piano  . . .

I mean these two are just the life of the party - if that party doesn't involve other people and if that party is at home.  Introverts unite separately in your own homes.

We also had to purge some things and clean out the boys room.  Do you spot the child?  He's under the bed getting toys out from there so we can organize it or get rid of it!

 Life Stuff

It was this guy's birthday this week!  This a picture from around the time we were dating.  He so loved that jeep.  Happy birthday to my sweet husband!!

My friend and I got together and made paleo pizza crust.  It was a fun night!  And we wore aprons.  We were so domestic.

I crafted.  Say what?  I haven't gotten crafty in so long.  But I saw this tutorial on Facebook and made us one.

This kids smile just lights up my world.  He said, "Good thing you can see my smile anytime you want since you are home with  me."  Yep, that is true buddy!

This girl is all about helping.  Here she is doing her own pizza.

We made applesauce tonight from some free apples that we got from my husband's co-worker.  You just can't let free apples go to waste.

We also went for our first homeschool art lesson this week but I forgot to take any pictures.  I hope you all have a good week too!

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