Thursday, March 3, 2011

February Organzing Challenge - Photos!

I Heart Organizing's February Challenge is about photography.  This was a much needed challenge for me!  I really needed to come up with a system and I think I have a pretty good one now.

Here is what I do with my pictures.  I upload them every few days (or once a week) and I organize them like Jen @ I Heart Organizing does.  I "select all" the photos and then rename them the month and year.  Then I put all of them into the particular month folder (like 02 February 2011) and then I put that folder into the "2011 folder".

Here is how I rename the photos

Here is how I label the folders

My first back up is on Shutterfly.  I use Shutterfly to upload all of my pictures.  Pretty much every time I upload pictures to my computer, I immediately upload them to Shutterfly.  I make an album and label it with the year - 2011 and then the month or description such as 2011 April or 2011 Easter.  If I do this as soon as I upload to my computer it makes life so much easier.

Some of my Shutterfly folders

Also, I make a yearly family photo book every year with Shutterfly.  One of the reasons I do my Week in Review on my blog is so that I can easily turn that into a book at the end of the year.

Second back up - on CD.  This is something I have been very bad at, but I need to start doing it on the last day of the month so that I remember.  I have a lot of catch up work but now I will do it once a month.

 Third back up (is this a bit too much?) is my external hard drive.   It is a Seagate FreeAgent.  I back up all my files on it but not as much as I should so I am going to try to do that once a month too.

I have also just recently purchased this Advantus Cropper Hopper Photo Supply Case to put all of  my photos from years past.  I am also going to buy a prettier box to put all of my irregular sized photos in.

 This is my system and it does seem to be working well.  I have more work to do with backing up on CD's more and organizing more of my photos into my "Cropper Hopper".  The next big thing I need to tackle is getting my mini DVD's recorded onto regular DVD's.  One thing at a time though!


  1. Sounds like it's working well for you. I'd really encourage a second external that you keep off-site in place of your cd's for a few reasons...

    1. Disks wear out and are, in my opinion, a waste of money when it comes to storage. Hard drives are surely the most reliable form of backup aside from an online resource, but unfortunately they are also known for sudden and random crashes if and when they do crash. They're also a huge time-saver over cd's if you take a lot of pictures often.
    2. If you're keeping your cd's and your external in your home, which most people do, in the case of a would lose both. So an off-site location that double backs up pictures and personal files is a great option!

    Shutterfly is a good backup for sure as long as they store all of your images without compression and without deleting old images as new ones come in.

    For once, I am happy to leave your blog without a personal assignment! Lol. I do appreciate seeing how organized your life is, but mostly it just shows me how UNorganized mine is. Haha. :)

  2. Oh! And I love your new layout and header! Adorable!

  3. Heidi,
    I know I should have come to you first! Would a fire proof safe work or do you still recommend a second external hard drive? I would much rather have one than do CDs anyway!
    Also, you know that I am a work in progress and I still have a LONG way to go to organize my life and surroundings, but one thing at a time.
    What do you recommend for videos?

  4. I love your photo storage ideas. Now that I have a blog I do a much better job of organizing my pictures. I upload to a website that I know won't delete my pictures (my sister's boyfriend hosts it for me) and I also put on my external hard drive (not as often as I should). I upload to the external hard drive and then (and only then) do I delete the images off my memory card). I label my folders much as you do, but had not thought of putting 01, 02, etc. before the month - that is a good idea, as alphabetical order is not all that helpful when searching for June. Keep up the good work!


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