Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Letter Ee - and other stuff

Our Letter this week was Ee, and our verse: Even a child is known by his deeds.  Prov. 20:11.  We went over our verse at dinner and Daddy asked the kids what they thought it meant.  He explained to them that whether you do good things or bad things that is how you are known.  We were able to teach the kids this lesson several times this week.  My son told us he wanted to be known by his good deeds, but the next day he said something unkind to one of his friends and we had the opportunity to remind him of this verse and what it meant.

We did a lot of "Letter of the Week - Ee" activities from Confessions of a Homeschooler and of course, we did our regular Letter Ee pack from 1+1+1=1.  We also did a few of the Easter activities from here.

Here is a small peak into what our room looks like.  It is half bedroom, half school room and I seem to change it up about once a week, but this may work for a little longer.

This is the kids' closet doors and we have the calendar, chore chart and sight word pocket chart.  It is hanging with Command Hooks.

 Notice the papers hanging at the top of the picture.  This is where we put papers we do throughout the week.  Then at the end of the week we take them down and place them in her binder in alphabetical order.

These are the kid's workboxes.  I use one for Miss M's preschool stuff and the other I use for Iman's homework.  I put extra help in there and I also put his daily homework which includes writing his spelling words, going over his sight word flash cards, memorizing his Bible verse and then his actual homework plus some things he needs to work on like addition flashcards and such.

Miss M was using her pointer and then Iman would call out whatever number she pointed at.
Tot School was short and sweet this week.

Of course we had to do dot painting - his favorite thing.

He did some puzzles while Miss M did her preschool stuff.

And this week being Easter we didn't do a lot of anything like eggs and stuff.  We have decided (in the last two years) not to do baskets and egg painting and such.  Not that it is necessarily bad or that other people shouldn't do it.  I am not saying that at all.  It is a personal decision.  I just felt like my kids were seeing so much of the Easter bunny and fake grass and eggs at every store we went into and on every commercial that our home needed to be the a place where that was not emphasized.   Again, it is not bad and if you do that then that is a decision you make for your family.  Each family is different!  Now, we do go to my dad and stepmom's and have a nice Easter meal and she always fixes them a sweet Easter basket and they do an Easter egg hunt but she always emphasizes Christ in her activities.

What we did do was talk a lot about what Easter meant.  We also read two different books:

The Jesus Storybook Bible and The Lenton Tree.  We watched Veggie Tales Easter movie on Netflix, but it was not one of our favorites.  And other then that we just use every opportunity to tell them about what is happening.   We went over what happened on Good Friday.  We are going to talk more about it today and we will go over the Resurrection Eggs that we made last year (or you can buy them).  Tonight we will read the Resurrection story before bed and tomorrow at church they will get more of the story as well.  We are just trying to be purposeful in what we do and what we teach them.

What Easter activities have you been doing?


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