Saturday, March 5, 2016

Weekly Workouts - 2.29.16 - the one where I start Crossfit

This week I crossed over from doing bootcamp to doing the Crossfit WODs.    There is always a warm-up and then there is the WOD (workout of the day) and sometimes there is also conditioning after.  I love doing the bootcamp but I wanted to start the WODs to learn some different skills.

Here is what my workouts this week looked like.


15 min E3MOTM (Every 3 minutes on the 3rd Minute)
5 clean and jerks (135/95) - I did the bar and just did cleans
10 toes to bar - I did knees to elbows
20 wallballs (20/14) - I did a 10 pound ball

After party: 3 rounds
10 dead bugs
1:00 single leg hip bridges (:30 each side) - these are so tough!

 *For some reason I didn't pay attention to the clock and I just completed 5 rounds in 17 minutes instead of the 15 minutes that I should have stopped at.  But I scaled the workout since this was my first one.


Rest Day


Metcon (For Time)
1000m row
50 abmats
40 box jumps (20) (step-ups Rxd)
30 pull-ups
20 gamer push-ups
10 burpee box overs (20)

*I did this one in 14:28 but I scaled it - I did modified push-ups.  I did pull ups with a band.  I did step-ups on the box jumps and step overs on the burpee box overs.


I started a little 30 day challenge in the paleo group that I do on FB.   I'm doing 100 push ups on my non-Crossfit days in March.  My friend suggested I add 100 sit ups too so I'm doing those too.

100 modified push-ups (I did a few regular push-ups and a few gamer push-ups too)
100 Sit ups


16 min AMRAP
Teams of 2
32 alt sit-ups (14 pound medicine ball)
24 alt wallballs (14 pound medicine ball)
16 alt toes to bar *I did knees to elbows
8 alt burpees (2 at a time then switch - we jumped over our partner after every burpee)
4 alt rope climbs *My husband can rope climb so I did 3 modified climbs to 1 of his actual climbs

10 minutes of rowing
20 seconds of 70-80% effort
40 seconds of slower every minute

*I did this one with my husband!   We completed two full rounds and got to the burpees on  our third round.  I'm sure I slowed him down but it was fun working out with him.


4 mile walk with my friend

100 push ups (modified with a few gamer push-ups thrown in)
100 sit ups

Crossfit mixes up your workouts so you never get bored.  Its kind of fun waking up on your workout day to check to see what the WOD will be for that day!

How are your workouts going?

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